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Lamp and Lens, LLC

Educational Consultants

With a combined 49 years of experience in education, we provide a wide range of services to all members of learning communities and institutions across the United States. Whether you are in need of individualized services or looking to address the needs of a large group, the licensed professionals at Lamp and Lens can design and deliver a customized solution that will help you reach your goals.​


  • Provide customized resources and programs for students, teachers, parents, school administrators, school boards, and government officials

  • Develop and implement Personal Educational Programs to support student success

  • Assess education standards and classroom policies, as well as grades and test scores

  • Help implement changes to curriculum based on data

  • Survey students to change programs or curriculum

  • Report on the effectiveness of current academic systems

  • Devise strategies to improve educational quality and help implement new policies

  • Design new training programs and offer teacher training workshops

  • Produce, distribute, and maintain educational social media presence including podcasting for internal and external audiences

  • Support robust implementation of Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Initiatives

  • Develop Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Educational Programs

  • Recommend different educational materials

  • Implement and guide usage of new technologies

  • Assist in correlating systems to improve student drop-out rates

  • Advise academic intervention programs

  • Supervise online education

  • Manage charter school operations

  • Match students to appropriate learning environments, such as special education programs

  • Guide college selection and application

  • Meet with administrators and teachers to discuss programs and budgets

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